Winter Windstorms Across New England


Winds are picking up across New England and outages are being reported, primarily in the southern parts of New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. Power company Eversource is advising people to be prepared for inclement weather by building a standard emergency storm kit. They recommend water, non-perishable food, first aid supplies, any necessary prescriptions, flashlights, batteries and a battery powered radio as a basic standard kit. Charging up your wireless devices ensures you’ll have them for as long as possible if the power goes out. It’s also important to stay alert during a storm situation. Whether you’re on the road or inside your house, falling branches can be a danger.



Sitting on the summit of Mt. Washington, the Observatory is exposed to the region-wide wind currents. Since 2:00 today (2/25/19) they have reported average winds of over 100 mph. Weather Observer and Meteorologist Tom Padham says winds like this come along every five years or so. Padham also says that those stationed at the Observatory currently are taking extra precautions. Observers are trying not to stray too far from the building when they go outside and, when observers go to the top of the tower, they wear helmets with the knowledge that chunks of ice could come at them with those 100+ mph winds.