Camping World is Ready for a Happy & SAFE Camping Season!

Bruce MacDonald, General Manager of Camping World in Center Conway called in yesterday to talk with Gino about all that Camping World has going on looking into this new season. Bruce gave us a nice rundown on the history of Camping World and a sneak peek into the types of RVs, Campers, and more that they offer. He also mentioned the different options they have including preowned. Since COVID-19, Bruce explained how Camping World has gone about their business, ensuring all customers and staff stay healthy. He listed the different safe approaches that customers can go about when shopping with Camping World. including Virtual Tours and FREE Home Delivery within a 50 mile radius. Gino also asked Bruce about Camping World‘s strong effort to support local organizations and charities too. Camping World is no stranger in helping out with numerous local causes including Angels & Elves. Click below to listen to the interview.

(NOTE: We have received reports of audio issues from iPhone users, please let us know if you have any issues and what platform you are listening on at – Thank you for your understanding!)

Camping World is located at 1571 East Main Street in Center Conway, NH.

For more information on Camping World please visit CAMPINGWORLD.COM or call 603-452-7291.