This time of celebration for high school seniors has been anything but ordinary; but behind the scenes there’s a special committee working hard to make graduation more memorable for all Kennett High seniors.   Kevin Richards, Superintendent of Schools tells Mount Washington Radio Group’s Ron Frizzell: “The committee has formed up of parents, teachers, administration and a school board member. We do have a few things that we’re taking a look at. Hopefully we’ll have a definitive answer here pretty soon.  Within a week we’ll know one way or another.  (it’s) Pretty exciting if we are able to pull off what I think we’re going to.”  He goes on to say that the plans revolve around doing something on site, practicing social distancing and mitigating any groupings.

At the School Board Meeting on Monday Kevin Richards and his special committee hope to put forth their plans to gain approval and start moving forward with organizing.   But for now Superintendent Richards says, “It’ll be very exciting if we can do what we hope to do. But, I don’t want to put it out there and have to reel it back because that would be bad.”