Fay Sentenced To Serve No Jail Time


OSSIPEE, NH – The woman found guilty this spring of animal cruelty to dozens Great Danes in her Wolfeboro mansion will serve no jail time, but is responsible for paying back nearly $2 million for their care until they find new homes.

Christina Fay was convicted in May of 17 animal cruelty charges. Prosecutors initially had recommended a yearlong jail sentence, but a judge suspended that for twice monthly therapy sessions.

She was also ordered to pay restitution for the care of the dogs, currently the figure stands at around $1.9 million for the Humane society of the united states and $18,000 for the Wolfeboro Police Department.

Yesterday the judge also had determined that one dog should be euthanized after seriously injuring a caretaker. Homes will be found for 78 dogs. Fay is allowed to keep the two dogs she has.

Fay’s attorneys said she would be appealing to the New Hampshire Supreme Court and most of the sentences will have to be stayed until then.

The efforts to re-home the dogs ca begin, however the issues around the restitution that Fay would owe the Wolfeboro Police and the humane society, possible jail time, and future dog ownership will be dealt with in another trial.