Hiker Rescued After Head Injury On Tuckerman Ravine

SARGENT’S PURCHASE, NH A hiker was rescued on Mount Washington Monday. At around 2pm Fish and Game Conservation Officers were called to assist 28-year-old Stephanie Beauchamp of Montreal, Quebec who had an unknown head injury.

Officials said that Brauchamp was hiking with a companion on Tuckerman Ravine Trail near the Lion Head Trail junction when she struck her head on a boulder and suffered an unknown injury. Her hiking companion was able to call 911 and covered Beauchamp with a space blanket to keep her warm in the low 40 degree temperatures.

A rescue response was initiated and members of the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) and the Mt. Washington Summit State Park were contacted for assistance in locating the injured hiker.

Several calls were made to the reporting party’s cell phone number to verify location and the status of the victim, but the service was unsuccessful.

At approximately 2:45 p.m. two members from the State Park located the hiker approximately ¼ mile from the summit. Upon the arrival of the State Park employees, Beauchamp had recovered enough to be able to walk up to the summit building.  From there she was transported down the Auto Road back to her vehicle. 

The injury was not considered life threatening, but she and her companion were urged to seek a medical evaluation.