Hundreds Attend Women’s Defense League’s Gun Rights Rally In Concord

CONCORD, NH – The 4th Annual Women’s Defense League’s “Gun Rights are Women’s Rights,” rally took place this past Saturday (3/10). According to organizers, it’s the only 2nd Amendment Rally hosted by a women’s group in the State’s history.

Hundreds of supporters came from around New Hampshire to stand outside of the State House in defense of their Right to Bear Arms. The event doubled in size compared to last year’s attendance as speakers talked about the latest legislation involving firearms.

President of the Women’s Defense League Kimberly Morin says the rally is held every year to bring supporters of the Second Amendment together and to remind them that they will always have to fight against gun control. She says there are new gun control bills pushed by legislators every year.

Many attendees openly carried their firearms on the grounds in front of the State House for the event. Various rifles from AR15s and AK47s to even a biathlon rifle were on display as well as many holstered pistols.

Morin says one major factor for the larger turn out this year was the fact that it was 20 below last year, but it’s clear in pictures comparing the event’s attendance over the years that it’s definitely growing in size.


Story contributed by:

Tony Zore

Mount Washington Radio