Madison Elementary Invites You To “Be Our Guest” To Beauty And The Beast

MADISON, NH – The Madison Elementary School wants you to be their guest tonight. The 4th annual “Be Our Guest” dinner is a free night of entertainment where the students from 4,5,6th grade participate in preparing and serving the meal.

The dinner begins at 6 pm in the Madison Elementary School’s Noyes Gymnasium.

Dinner is served from 6pm till 7pm with the newest version of Beauty and the Beast being shown at 7pm.

The Dinner is a collaboration between Madison Recreation and the Madison Elementary School Wellness Committee.

The Noyes Gymnasium will be transformed into the magical castle dinning room as if it jumped right out of the screen and into the Mount Washington Valley.

The dinner is free and there is no need to reserve your seat, just be there before the last petal falls off the rose said Madison Recreation director and creator of the Be Our Guest dinner Mike Lane.

Lane said that the evening is not only fun for the guests but a great way to get the students and faculty coming together in a unique way.

He added that in addition to it being a night of fun, it is also a great chance to teach the kids about the service industry, an industry that is very prevalent in the Mount Washington Valley.