Madison Hoping To Offset Mold Repair Costs With Grant


MADISON, NH – Madison Elementary School’s Mold problem has racked up quite a bill but they’re seeking a grant to help ease the burden.

According to the Conway Daily Sun the cost of eradicating the severe mold problem at the school cost approximately $1.3 million.

SAU 13 Superintendent Lou Goscinski told the Sun there is some good news when it comes to the cost, saying that the school is set to receive $400,000 through a grant from the state department barring approval by the Governor and executive council. Adding that they plan to apply for other grants as well to help with the costs of repair.

Goscinski also said that the school district is looking at a $1.3 million warrant article for the town to approve, but with the grant they’ll instead seek a $900,000 bond.

The school is currently in the process of repairing areas were damaged due to mold removal.

Luckily there have been no reported incidents of health impacts to students or teachers due to the mold.

In December a sink leak in one of the classroom closest resulted in water damage, which lead to mold in the area.

Goscinski said that as a precaution they had the whole school tested, which lead to the discovery that other locations had sustained water damage leading to more mold. School officials said they isolated and managed the contaminated areas according to the recommendations of Air quality management service Inc. with the assistance of Service Master Cleaners.

Goscinski said the Town Health inspector, Code Enforcement officer, as well as the State Officials were contacted when they discovered the problem.