Mount Washington Valley Bicycling Club Seeks To Help Riders Stay Safe This Summer


Conway, NH – A local group of cyclists are looking to help keep those who bike to work every day in the Valley safe. The Mount Washington Valley Bicycling Club is offering free helmets and lights to those who ride to work every day.

Todd powers the president of the club became concerned last summer for the number of workers riding bicycles erratically and more importantly without helmets or lights. That concern turned into action after a young woman from Mongolia, who worked in the valley, died due to brain trauma she suffered after falling off of her bicycle.

The program began late last August with help from the Mount Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber got the word out to members and held helmets and lights for their members employees.

For 2017 the club expanded the program to all the business owners who have foreign and local employees that use bicycles as their main form of transportation. The major employers of foreign workers were contacted and some have already distributed helmet and lights to them. Not yet enough.

Powers said their goal is to have local business owners make it known to their employees that the MWVBC will provide a helmet and blinking lights to any worker who commutes by bicycle.

“Business owners, chat with your employees. You know who is riding a bicycle to work. Ask them if they need helmets and lights, and the club, me personally, will deliver those helmets and lights to the business owner.” Said Powers.

Any Valley employers interested in the program is asked to get a list of employees that need helmets and lights and then email mwvbc@mwvbicyclingclub.org or visit mwvbicyclingclub.org