Riders Face Tough Tail Conditions On Tri-State Reciprocal Snowmobile Weekend

~Photo Courtesy of Craig Oesch

CONCORD, NH – Thousands of snowmobilers from Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, and beyond descended upon the trails of the North Country despite poor trail conditions to enjoy the Tri-State Reciprocal Snowmobile Weekend.

Reciprocal weekend allows snowmobiles legally registered in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont to operate on trails in all three states from January 26th through the 28th.

Captain Dave Walsh, who oversees enforcement and safety education for Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle activities in New Hampshire said “Due to recent warm weather, trail conditions were reported to be marginal in most places in Coos County, with little to no riding throughout the rest of the state.”

The annual Tri-State Reciprocal Snowmobile Weekend is a boost to businesses in northern New Hampshire and throughout the state. The event is considered one of New Hampshire’s largest snowmobiling weekends.