When Should You Shovel Off Your Roof?

How much snow is too much for your roof? Obviously the answer to that depends on your particular home, but the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety recommends definitely getting your roof shoveled off by two feet of snow, which can weigh as much as 60 pounds per square foot. They note it’s also important to remember that fresh snow doesn’t weigh as much as older snow or ice, which is much more dense. This doesn’t mean that your roof is necessarily safe below two feet of snow. The National Research Council Canada recommends keeping an eye on signs your house may give that it’s under strain from the snow. These signs can include unusual sounds from the roof or supporting walls, visible movement of walls or sagging of ceiling and cracking of drywall or plaster. Other signs may include doors that jam or water leaks that show up after a big snow fall.


Keeping your roof clear of snow can save you and your wallet a lot of hurt this winter.