White Mountain National Forest Celebrates 100 Years With Museum Exhibit


PLYMOUTH, NH – The White Mountain National Forest is turning 100 this year and is celebrating by looking back on defining moments.

On Wednesday the Museum of the White Mountains is opening “The People’s Forest: A Centennial Celebration of the White Mountain National Forest.” a special exhibit showcasing the many milestones of the forest through it’s 100 year history.

Cynthia Robinson Director of the Museum of the White Mountains said that the exhibit took about a year to put together and features somethings that have never been seen before including a collection of glass lantern slides from the 1900’s.

Robinson added “We worked with a lot of partners over the past year and a half to develop it (the exhibit). It talks about different non-profit organizations that are in the forest, maintaining trails, doing research, and it also has engaged a lot of Plymouth State University Students.

“The centennial year is a reminder to look back on where we’ve come while we prepare for the next 100 years with our partners and volunteers,” said Forest Supervisor Clare Mendelsohn. “We still have work to do to ensure this land is protected for future generations, and now, more than ever, we need you to join us.”

Today the Forest is nearly 800,000 acres and attracts several million visitors who hike, camp, climb and ski on their public land each year. The White Mountain National Forest has become a major part of the economic engine of New Hampshire contributing to the nearly 9 billion dollar statewide outdoor recreation industry that supports almost 80,000 jobs.

Located in Plymouth New Hampshire by Plymouth State University the Museum of the White Mountain National Forest’s mission is “to obtain, maintain, and provide access to resources and activities that educate and engage its audience with the region’s artistic, historical, geographic, and cultural treasures. Its purpose is to enrich the life and scholarship of the Plymouth State University community, researchers, and the broader public.

The exhibit opening reception is Wednesday May 16th from 5pm – 7pm. The exhibit will then remain at the museum till September 12th.

For more information about the exhibit go to plymouth.edu/museum-of-the-white-mountains/exhibitions/the-peoples-forest