This could have not been a better year for the WMWV Local Song of the Year Contest. The contenders sure had to battle for first place and did they ever. We started out with Candie Tremblay putting on her best show for us at Deacon Street. We met the members from Escape Goat there… It was followed by a heck of a performance by Escape Goat at the Red Parka Pub and was followed by our last show- a group of great kids from Fryeburg Academy who formed the group Ophiuchus who absolutely ripped our faces off with their heavy metal talent at the Up Bar at Horsefeathers. Last week we counted our votes and did our live, on air countdown of the winners… we played the Escape Goat song (which absolutely rocks) followed by Candie Tremblay our hometown girl followed by Ophiuchus. Yes, the high school kids who played heavy metal won and we are so happy for them!!! Thanks again to our faithful sponsors, Amoskeag Beverages, Blue Moon Brewing Company, North Conway Music Center and WMWV. Without such awesome teamwork of our sponsors this wouldn’t be possible. Thanks to our gracious hosts at Deacon Street, Red Parka Pub and Horsefeathers. Cheers to the teams of waitstaff that came out for these special nights! And thanks so much to the musicians who sent in their music, and everyone else who came out to support this very special contest we’ve come to love so much. It’s JUST about wrapped up now- we’re just waiting to make a plan with Ophiuchus for an in studio performance and to shower them with prize money and schwag.