Cost Of Caring For Seized Great Danes Expected To Hit Half A Million Dollars

Photo by Meredith Lee/The HSUS

Wolfeboro, NH – The Cost of taking care of the seized Great Danes from a Wolfeboro mansion is expected to reach half a million dollars. According to NH-1 News the cost for caring for the dogs is estimated at $500,000 if the case is wrapped up by Oct. 25 as scheduled. If it goes on for months or even years, which is a possibility, it could be over a million dollars.

The Humane Society for the United States created a temporary emergency shelter until the case goes to trial in October, which is standard practice during cases like this. Lindsay Hamrick, state director of the HSUS told NH-1 that a large amount of the cost is due to how much the large dogs need to eat.

Officials said that the animals are improving after being removed from what was described as squalid conditions. Six of the dogs are recovering after having surgery to treat cherry eye. The dogs were all treated for Giardia, Papilloma virus, and many suffer from untreated orthopedic issues.

Unfortunately Doctors cannot treat any ailment that is not more or less life-threatening, because dogs are seen as property of the defendant in the eyes of the law, and they cannot legally alter her property until after the case is decided.

HSUS is accepting donations to help with the cost of care, to donate Click Here.