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Manchester, NH (April 17, 2015) — Adored, an iBeacon experience company, has announced that starting this weekend, nine merchants within the Mt. Washington Valley will be utilizing the mobile app in order to provide a new and more engaging way to interact with their customers.


“A visit to the Mt. Washington Valley is a unique experience you will always remember,” said Cory von Wallenstein, CEO of Adored. “While we can’t compete with Mother Nature, Adored does try to create something special for its users. The same is true of the great merchants who are participating in this launch. They care about their customers and want to engage with them in new and exciting ways.”


Adored is a new way to do just that. Launched in Manchester, N.H. last fall, Adored is a smartphone app that enables restaurants, bars, shops and attractions to build stronger relationships with loyal customers, influence casual customers to visit more often, and draw new people in when they’re in the area. For the consumer, it is a single app that provides automatic loyalty rewards for each and every participating merchant, in the North Conway area and beyond.


“The merchants within the Mt. Washington Valley have always had a special relationship with their customers,” said Janice Crawford, Executive Director of the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau. “Adored is a great way to build on that. For the merchants it is a way to add more value to their customers and show that their loyalty is appreciated.”

The Adored app, available on Apple iOS and Android phones, communicates with tiny Bluetooth “beacons” set in key locations within participating businesses. The interaction with consumers’ phones is completely anonymous and effortless– no passwords to enter, no scanning QR codes, no punching cards.


“For our customers, they don’t have to be fumbling around in their wallet for a loyalty card,” said Terry O’Brien, owner and general manager of the Red Parka Steakhouse and Pub, one of the nine Mt. Washington Valley merchants using Adored. “As soon as they walk through the door they are going to have a welcome message and special offers. People are going to like this.”


A proven success in Manchester and with solid financial backing, Adored has now begun expanding into other markets. The Mt. Washington Valley launch of Adored will soon be followed by further expansion into other areas across the state, including Portsmouth, Nashua and Concord.


The nine merchants who have chosen to participate in the Mt. Washington Valley launch of Adored, include:

  • Tuckerman Brewing Company, Conway
  • Black Cap Grille, North Conway
  • Frontside Grind, North Conway
  • Chef’s Bistro, North Conway
  • Delaney’s Hole in the Wall, North Conway
  • The Local Grocer, North Conway
  • Vintage Baking Company, Glen
  • Red Parka Steakhouse and Pub, Glen
  • J Town Deli, Jackson

“Using Adored was a no brainer,” O’Brien said. “We have always been quick to adopt new technologies. If something helps us get new people to our events then it helps us grow our business. Adored will do that.”


Adored increases the lifetime value of your customers by engaging the right person at the right time with the right message, both on location and off site. Headquartered in Manchester, NH and working with the many of the best coffee shops, bars, restaurants, ski resorts and attractions in the metro Boston area, Adored has proven the value of delivering a tailored experience to each customer in real-time, bringing customers back more often, spending more when they do, and driving top of mind awareness where and when it’s needed.

 -Courtesy of Adored Press Release

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(Concord, NH) The NH Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) has approved Community Development Block Grant awards to eight New Hampshire municipalities and counties totaling nearly $3.1 million. The funds will go toward projects developing affordable housing, public works, and upgrading failing infrastructure which benefit nearly 2,600 low- and moderate-income residents in the Granite State.

“These CDBG awards are granted to towns and counties in every part of the state. These are the projects that community leaders say are needed to help their residents who are of low- and moderate-income,” said CDFA Communications Director Kevin Flynn. “Much of the needed work addresses the high energy costs associated with operating these facilities. Those expenditures are increasingly making the properties too expensive to operate or diverting precious resources from other services the nonprofits provide.”

The City of Berlin will receive $500,000 in CDBG funds on behalf of Affordable Housing, Education and Development, Inc. (AHEAD) for energy improvements at Northern Lights Senior Housing. The scope of work includes installing a new wood pellet boiler, replacing one section of roofing, energy efficiency improvements, and fire alarm upgrades for the 63 unit facility.

“The Northern Lights is an important part of Berlin’s past, present and future. These energy improvements help it move forward and make our community stronger and better. I commend everyone who made this grant possible,” said Senator Jeff Woodburn (D-Dalton).

Other projects approved by CDFA’s Community Development Advisory Board are:

A $255,000 grant to the City of Keene on behalf of Keene Housing Authority for the rehabilitation of the men’s emergency shelter

On behalf of the Somersworth Housing Authority, a $500,000 grant to the City of Somersworth to implement energy improvements at the Albert J. Nadeau Homes affordable housing development.

Merrimack County will receive $300,000 on behalf of Second Start to replace the roof and make masonry repairs on their main building in Concord.

To make energy repairs to the Old Graded School Building, the Town of Warner will receive at $20,600 grant.

The proposed Suncook Senior Center will receive $500,000 through a grant to the Town of Allenstown.

A grant of $500,000 to Hillsborough County for The Granite YMCA’s plan to build a Center for Youth and Teen Leadership addition to their facility in Goffstown.

A $478,880 grant to the Town of Tilton on behalf of the Gaslight Village Cooperative to replace existing septic systems by connecting to the municipal wastewater system.


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Conway 2015 Town Election Results

by Christian Mower on April 15, 2015

Warrant Articles

  • Article 2 Sought to define feather flags, to exclude Feather Flags from the Definition of Flags, and to Prohibit Feather Flags passed 692 to 550.
  • Article 3 sought to permit business signs to project from the wall passed 1,000 to 243.
  • Article 4 to permit the use of real estate signs at the end subdivisions that do not exceed 12 square feet and not to exceed eight feet nor six feet in width passed 915 to 319.
  • Article 4-A, which revises the permit fees, passed 817 to 411.
  • Article 5, rezones 110 Barnes Road from residential agricultural to highway commercial, passed 839 to 351.
  • Article 6, sought to raise $10.32 million for the proposed operating budget, passed 940 to 288.
  • Article 7, which sought $50,000 for the infrastructure reconstruction capital reserve with $100,000 to come from the fund balance and $400,000 to come from taxation, passed 944 to 286.
  • Article 8, which sought $300,000 for the highway equipment capital reserve, passed 981 to 236.
  • Article 9, which sought $105,000 for the solid waste capital reserve, passed 963 to 263.
  • Article 10, which sought $110,000 for the capital reserve fund for the landfill expansion capital reserve, passed 891 to 323.
  • Article 11, which sought to raise $325,000 for the capital reserve fund for maintenance of town buildings and facilities, passed 978 to 247.
  • Article 12, which sought $20,000 for the capital reserve fund for the parks department, passed 957 to 272.
  • Article 13, which sought to raise $60,000 for the police vehicles capital reserve, passed 910 to 323.
  • Article 14, which sought to create a town employee earned benefits expendable trust fund and to raise $30,000 for the fund, passed 768 to 461.
  • Article 15, which sought $110,000 for the Public Education Government cable television fund to be paid for with franchise fees, passed 935 to 315
  • Article 16, which sought to expand the purpose of the public education government trust fund to include putting programing on the Internet, failed 549 to 683.
  • Article 17, which sought to establish a commercial duty revolving fund, failed 593 to 643.
  • Article 18, which sought to raise $10,000 to support the Eastern Slope Regional Airport, passed 810 to 432.
  • Article 19, which sought to raise $30,000 for a new well and distribution system for the town hall water system, passed 1,026 to 208.
  • Article 20, which sought $21,000 for the police victim witness advocate, passed 828-420.
  • Article 21, which sought permission to raise $824,000 from non local tax sources for the purpose of a recreation trail, passed 722 to 547.
  • Article 22, which sought to reclassify Henderson Road as a year around maintained road, passed 821 to 406.
  • Article 23, which sought to allow selectmen to dispose of liened or tax deeded property, passed 1,012 to 163.
  • Article 24, which sought $13,000 for the Tri-County Community Action Program’s fuel assistance program, passed 1,027 to 180.
  • Article 25, which sought $4,000 for Carroll County’s Blue Loon bus service, passed 663 to 542.
  • Article 26, which sought $10,115 for the Mental Health Center, passed 953 to 252.
  • Article 27, which sought $35,000 to support the Gibson Center, passed 1,129 to 89.
  • Article 28, which sought $75,000 for the North Conway Community Center, passed 807 to 404.
  • Article 29, which sought $13,000 to support early childhood services for Children Unlimited, passed 909 to 293.
  • Article 30, which sought $7,092 for Starting Point’s services for domestic and sexual abuse victims, passed 1,009 to 196.
  • Article 31, which sought $3,000 for North Conway Day Care, passed 891 to 302.
  • Article 32, which sought $10,000 for Vaughn Community Service (food pantry), passed 883 to 308.
  • Article 33, which sought $3,100 for the Tri-County Community Action Program’s Restorative Justice Center sentencing programs, passed 607 to 584.
  • Article 34, which sought to allow the budget committee to set the default budget, failed 147 to 1,027.
  • Article 35, which sought to enact a tax cap that prevents the budget committee from recommending a budget that raises the amount to be raised by local taxes by more than 2.5 percent over the previous year, failed 312 to 873.

Elected Positions

Planning Board Three-Year Seat

Will be offered to former selectman and budget committee member Bob Drinkhall, who got 11 write-in votes.

4 Open Seats On The Budget Committee

They went to Incumbent Peter Donohoe and Pat Kittle.

Pat Swett can claim one of the vacant seats.

The last seat will be offered to Bill Marvel, who received 12 write-in votes.

Two Seat On The Board Of Selectmen

John Colbath

Steven Porter

School Elections


School Board Seats

Syndi White

Randy Davison

School Warrant Articles

There were 10 warrant articles, totaling $945,959, that were not part of the presented budget.

  • Article 4: elementary schools’ facilities maintenance fund for $9,900 ($1,192 to be offset by sending towns). Supported by the board 7-0. Supported by the budget committee 15-0. Vote carried 1,035-231.
  • Article 3: Kennett Middle School facilities maintenance fund for $17,086 ($7,340 to be offset by sending towns). Supported by the board 7-0. Supported by the budget committee 15-0. Vote carried 1,042-227.
  • Article 2: Kennett High facilities maintenance fund for $54,443 ($35,512 by sending towns). Supported by the board 7-0. Supported by the budget committee 15-0. Vote carried 1,031-235.
  • Articles 2-4 were required under the 20-year tuition contract with sending towns Albany, Bartlett, Eaton, Freedom, Jackson, Madison and Tamworth.
  • Article 5 was for a one-year collective bargaining agreement between the school board and the Conway Education Association (teachers). It seeks $447,953 for 2015-16. Board supports 7-0. Not supported by the budget committee 9-6. Vote carried 740-527.
  • Article 6 was the operating budget.
  • Article 7 sought $287,500 for a mechanical and electrical design engineering services for John Fuller, Pine Tree and Conway Elementary Schools. Supported by the board 6-0. Supported by the budget committee 14-1. Passage of Article 7 would pave the way for the board to seek a $4 million bond in 2016-17 for upgrades to the systems. Vote carried 942-326.
  • Article 8 was for Project SUCCEED (Schools Under Contract Creating Enriching Extended Days) at John Fuller, Pine Tree and Conway Elementary for $38,077. Organizers of the program anticipate raising revenue to offset taxes as additional grants will be sought. Supported by the board 7-0. Supported by the budget committee 15-0. Vote carried 989-280.
  • Article 9 was a capital reserve fund for buses in the amount of $91,000 for the purchasing a school bus for the 2015-16 school year. Supported by the board 7-0. Supported by the budget committee 15-0. Vote carried 974-291.
  • Article 10 sought voter approval to authorize the school district, indefinitely until rescinded, to retain year-end unassigned general funds to exceed, in any fiscal year, 2.5 percent of the current fiscal year’s net assessment. Such fund balance retained may only be used to reduce the tax rate for emergencies to be approved by the Department of Education. Supported by the board 7-0. Supported by the budget committee 12-3. Vote carried 1,018-245.


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Cancellations and Delays for April 9th

by Christian Mower on April 9, 2015

Cancellations and Delays Brought To You By








2 Hour Delay

SAU 9 Conway

SAU 13 Freedom, Madison, Tamworth

SAU 49 Wolfeboro, Ossipee

MSAD 61 Bridgton, Maine

MSAD 72 Brownfield, Maine

White Mountain Waldorf School

Mountain View Montessori





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Breaking News In The Murder Investigation In Gorham

by Christian Mower April 7, 2015 Front Page News

Photo Courtesy of WMUR-TV New Hampshire Attorney General Joseph A. Foster, State Police Colonel Robert L. Quinn, and Gorham Police Chief P.J. Cyr announce that a homicide investigation has begun in Gorham, New Hampshire. An arrest has been made in connection with this murder. At 6:40 PM last night Gorham Police officers were inside the […]

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Dante Club Wins Local Song of the Year Contest!

by Shannon Houde April 1, 2015 Contests

93.5 WMWV and Blue Moon Brewing Company are happy to announce this year’s winner of the 93.5 WMWV Local Song of the Year contest…Dante Club with their song, “Anything You Want”! As the winners, Dante Club will receive $1,000 in cash, a live in-studio appearance on WMWV (tba), and their song will be added to our playlist for the remainder of the […]

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